Exercise Rooms

Ever just want to work out in your own perfect space? Well, lots of people have gone the distance with home studios, fitness areas and backyard gyms that make home fitness a clear choice. These designs make your health an investment not an expense.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact less is more when it comes to Pilates studio design. Sleek, modern, easy to clean and efficient.

Investing in your own fitness routine can be as simple as clearing space in that unused bedroom to carving out a space to lay a mat.

Enhance your property with an out building or backyard room. There are many designs and even modular prefab kits widely available. Make it work double duty as a garden office and gym.

Or create your own outdoor workout area. There are many ideas and designs to peak your creativity on our Studio Design Pinterest board.

No extra room for a workout area is no excuse. Here is a hide-away Murphy reformer. Some cabinetry strategically installed in the right space and you have all you need for an ultimate Pilates workout.

Carve out a shady nook with an ocean view for a serene mind-body fitness experience. Make your health and wellness part of everyday.

Breath deep with open air studios and living walls.

Add a motivational quote, uplifting image or wall paper to keep you motivated.

Explore more wall art, motivational quotes, sport images and wallpaper designs to get you motivated and stay motivated on our Wall Art Pinterest board.

Visit the Pilates Equipment Shop to customize your equipment. We can suit your design needs of your home or facility. Choose your upholstery from 10 standard colors at no additional fee or customize and choose from 75 upholstery color options for an additional charge depending on size of equipment. Reformers come in 3 different heights. Frames and carriages can be extended to accommodate for those taller than 6′ 3″.

Samantha Reed-Omick B.P.H.E. Comprehensive Pilates Instructor
Therapeutic Pilates & Recreation LLC, Honolulu, HI 96822.
Photos in this post are a collection of non-copyright images found on the internet and Pinterest. If I have used your image that has a copyright, please contact me.

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